Continued evolution of the customer proposition

On the Beach intends to enhance the customer booking experience through the ongoing delivery of split testing and trialling of changes and improvements, such as personalisation and further development of the Group's multi-device capabilities.

Personalisation of the customer experience

Multi-device capabilities will be further developed through the employment of specialist staff, further development of existing online tools and enhanced customer communication. Specialist staff will work to enhance the 24-7 in-resort support service in order to increase customer satisfaction.

Leverage revenue performance

On the Beach believes that a number of opportunities exist to further leverage revenue per booking and to enhance profitability. These opportunities include investment into the Group's direct contracting system to dis-intermediate third party suppliers of beds and the implementation of flexible payment terms offered to customers, as well as increasing levels of existing and new ancillary products.

Increase market share of total traffic through offline advertising, enhancement of the in house bid modelling tool and App launch 

On the Beach intends to enhance its bid modelling tool to enable it to recognise the same user on different devices. Furthermore, On the Beach intends to continue to invest in offline advertising in order to drive brand awareness and reduce reliance on non-brand paid search activity supported by an integrated and personalised CRM programme with the aim of increasing the level of repeat bookings.

Continued expansion in Sweden and launch in further markets outside the United Kingdom.

The Group intends to expand its business model in certain other European markets to address a €55 billion European package holiday market opportunity which exists throughout Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden (source: Euromonitor: Offliine and Online Intermediaries Sales by Market).

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